Somatoprim (DG3173) is a novel and proprietary somatostatin analog (SSA) that is based on a novel amino acid composition and a unique backbone cyclization technology used for stabilization of the peptide.

During extensive preclinical testing, Somatoprim has demonstrated a unique receptor binding and pharmacological profile which is significantly differentiated from SSAs that are currently marketed or in clinical development. In particular, Somatoprim has demonstrated an improved side effect profile with reduced adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract and metabolic control. Furthermore, assessment of growth hormone secretion in cultured human somatotroph adenoma tissue treated with Somatoprim suggests that it has the potential to increase the response rate of acromegalic patients to SSA therapy.

In addition to pre-clinical data, Somatoprim has also shown positive results in three Phase I studies in healthy volunteers. The results of the studies indicate that Somatoprim has an excellent safety and tolerability profile at all doses administered. An analysis of plasma growth hormone levels was consistent with a suppression of growth hormone release by Somatoprim thus indicating that Somatoprim is able to suppress growth hormone release in humans. Two phase II studies in acromegaly patients have shown that Somatoprim effectively reduces growth hormone secretion. The results of these studies provide proof-of-concept that Somatoprim has the potential to be a safe and effective treatment for acromegaly.

These preclinical and clinical results position Somatoprim as best-in-class somatostatin analog.

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